Not Just Treating Diseases

For many years, the common approach to dealing with plant disease issues was to use allopathic treatments. This means that whenever a problem appeared, the "Solution" was to spray the plants with pesticides to control the outbreak of disease or insect infestations.


We refer to this as "treating the dashboard." Why?


If the "Check Engine" light comes on in your vehicle, there is a simple way to "fix" the problem. You can simply cut the wire that causes the light to come on; then you will no longer have symptoms of the problem. However, the underlying problem will still be there.


The same thing occurs when pesticides are used to control outbreaks. They can often remove symptoms of the problem, without dealing with the root cause of the disease. Pesticides are often simply a cosmetic fix.


At TDL Tree Service, we get to the root of the problem. Why are the symptoms present? It it due to oxygen depletion? Is it due to fill injury? Why is the immune system stressed? Why is the tree presenting these symptoms? At TDL Tree Service, your Boston, MA resource for Tree Work, we ask: WHY???

Our Disease Management Program

  • Plant Health Management
    • Plant Physicals - we take your plants' vital signs to see how they are doing - this service can range from simple visual inspections to on-site analysis to laboratory tests.
  • Integrated Stress Management
    • We examine the factors that are causing stress to your plant and we recommend corrective action.
  • Plant Nutrient Supplementation
    • Our Nutrient Supplementation Program is two-pronged. It may include nutrients specifically needed to help the plants counteract specific stressors; on the other hand, it may include a program of fertilizers customized to the needs of the specific plant species; i.e. Spruce Trees have different nutritional requirements than European Linden.