Not Reactive . . . Preventive!

We generally receive calls when a homeowner or commecial property manager notices something wrong with their trees. Perhaps there is an insect infestation or yellowing of the leaves, or maybe the tree is experiencing branch death or total tree decline. On some occasions, the problem is relatively minor and can be easily corrected. At other times, however, by the time we receive a call, damage to the plant has progressed to a point where it becomes more difficult to address the problem. This "late notification" of plant health issues can result in costly treatment procedures and/or uncertain outcomes.

So, What's the Solution to Maintaining Plant Health and Lowering Costs?

Plant Health Care (PHC)!

A crucial aspect of our Plant Health Care programs is prevention. Just as health care companies have found the best way to deal with problems is prevention, in the same way, many property owners now realize that preventing plant health problems in the first place is crucial to containing costs and preserving the investment you have made in your landscape. If we can supply a missing nutrient, for example, it will be like giving your tree Vitamin C and strengthening it to resist infection.

Tree Disease Issues