Services we provide for your safety and the health of your trees

TDL Tree Service offers a variety of services designed to improve the appearance and health of your property's plant community.


You can choose a full plant health care package or select individual services as needed. A complete package includes yearly fertilization and pruning, with periodic plant health check-ups. Our work conforms to third-party quality standards, where applicable.


Pruning and Plant Establishment

We specialize in proper tree establishment and pruning practices in order to reduce future problems and increase longevity. By focusing on proper preventive care and maintenance, it is possible to help your trees avoid many problems in the future.

Just as with children, if trees are well-trained when they are young, you tend to have fewer issues with them as they age. If trees are properly trained and structurally-balanced when they are young, many problems can be avoided (or at the very least, minimized).


The older a tree gets, the more difficult it becomes to correct their inherent and environmentally-induced deficiencies. Perhaps, for every dollar you spend now, you can save $15 in the future. So, spending $120 now might save $1,800 in time to come. Of course, there are too many variables to accurately determine your savings, but this is a reasonable "guesstimate."

Boston Fine Pruning Services

We will prune your trees to optimize their health and enhance their ornamental characteristics .


Other services

Site Remediation

We can help to establish better growing conditions for your plants by determing what is preventing your trees from thriving. Sometimes this is due to improper electro-conductivity, for example, or suboptimal bulk density.


Structural Pruning

This type of pruning is focused on developing solid tree architecture, which will serve as the foundation for healthy future growth. The earlier this can be implemented, the better. Read more about how we provide structural pruning for Boston, MA and why we work with young trees.


Plant Health Monitoring

We monitor the condition of all the woody plants on your property or you can specify which plants you need us to keep an eye on.

Tree Diagnostics

We provide Third-Party opinions on what is ailing your tree(s). As we are compensated for this service, you are assured of a straightforward assessment of what needs to be done and which measures are likely unnecessary.