At TDL Tree Service, our entire focus is on planting trees and pruning newly-planted trees. We do not offer tree removals or major pruning. All of our work is done from the ground, which means you can save a lot by hiring us, as we do not have the overhead of bucket trucks or tree climbers.

Why do we only offer structural pruning of small, young trees?

Because that's where we can make the greatest difference. With young, newly planted trees. As with people, the younger you start training the trees, the more likely it is that they will be "well-behaved" as they mature.


By a "well-behaved" tree, we mean a tree that is less-likely to cause safety and liability issues in the future, and is more likely to live longer and provide greater benefits, while costing less to maintain.

Any questions about our pruning services and how they can work for you?

Please give us a call. We look forward to demonstrating all the benefits of early intervention in the management of trees!