If you're looking for Boston Tree Services, we are looking for you!

At TDL Tree Service Boston, we specialize in fine tree pruning services. We also provide structural pruning for Massachusetts cities and towns who do not need a staff arborist and prefer to hire tree care professionals on an as-needed basis.


TDL Tree Service is a different kind of Massachusetts tree service.

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What makes us different? We don't offer tree cutting or tree removal services. We used to offer tree removal. However, we now only offer limited tree pruning to our full service clients.


Instead, we have dedicated ourselves to our specialty: Fine pruning and structural pruning of Massachusetts' beautiful treescapes. We service municipalities and in the near future, we will begin offering our services to Colleges, Universities and Private Schools. If you are a Boston college or private school in need of per diem arborists, our Boston Tree Care Professionals look forward to serving you! Find out more about our Boston pruning services.

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TDL Tree offers fine pruning suited to Massachusetts' diversity of tree specimens; we are commited to taking care of Boston's "Green Treasures."

Did you know that the young years of a tree's life are the formative years, the most important years in determining and shaping the character of the tree?


Yes, it's true! Just as with humans, it is the first years that count the most, and help shape what a tree will become; what a tree's future holds in store. What starts out as a small problem can quickly grow into a costly dilemma.


That's why it's important to hire Certified Arborists (or Tree Care Professionals) to care for your trees and shrubs. There are Massachusetts Certified Arborists, as well as tree care professionals certified by national and international organizations. At TDL Tree, you have the opportunity to speak to a Massachusetts Certified Arborist (MCA) when you have a question.