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Do you have a problem? A problem with trees in your yard? Are your trees too big, overgrown or ailing? What if you could make a single phone call and get some answers?


When you call TDL Tree Service, you're taking a step in the right direction. We love helping our clients by coming up with solutions to their trees' problems. When you give us a call, you know you're going to receive quality assistance.

When developing customized Tree Care Solutions, we will take into account your budget and the needs of your landscape and tailor a package to meet your needs. Some of our clients require just fine pruning or tree removal, while others simply want a Soil Enrichment program. Talk to your TDL Tree representative to determine which services are right for you!


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Where You'll Notice the Difference

  • Crews are directed by a minimum of one certified arborist
  • Fine Pruning is performed by experienced horticulturists with an artistic eye
  • Tree Diagnostics are performed by experienced, "Green College"-educated professionals
  • Plant Nutrition programs are developed according to specific targets
  • Trees are pruned according to established industry standards, where applicable
  • Client Satisfaction is our top priority
  • Your call is returned within 24 hours

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